I’ve been a photographer for as long as I can remember – I had a Kodak cassette camera when I was four, and when I was sixteen my dad gave me my first 35mm SLR.  I started out taking B&W portraits in the sixth form common room and on the steps of school, and still love B&W for how it emphasises shapes and mood. My love of photography is as long as my relationship with cameras, and my enthusiasm for capturing the moment without dictating it informs my portraits. Shape, colour, light, and mood inspire my landscapes. I am an obsessive instagrammer, where my account shows all my iPhone photos (taken almost exclusively on my cross-country runs).  

I developed my artist’s eye and technical skill during my Master’s studies at the University of Westminster.  In the darkroom I fostered a love affair with colour, hand printing large prints from medium and large format negatives.  I use digital cameras now, but my treatment of colour remains rooted in the darkroom - colour excites me, and I see life in vivid shades, while I love black and white for tones, textures, and composition.  

I am based in North Essex in a village outside Great Dunmow, but I am happy to work anywhere (travel costs may apply).


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